Callum Campbell



Discholars arranges electronic music tuition in Wellington, New Zealand. It offers lessons in various instruments, from Ableton controllers to CDjs. Its lessons are taught in schools, or one-on-one - whatever works for the student!

Currently, music tuition in New Zealand focuses on 'classical' instruments or instruments for conventional rock/pop bands. However, electronic instruments and electronic music production is now central to the modern music industry. Discholars bridges this gap while offering education focused on encouraging students’ confidence in their creativity. This is intended to equip students with skills valuable for adapting to our rapidly-changing modern world.

Callum is a Music Industry major who focuses on creative enterprise. During his degree he has organised gigs through the Something Something music club and Bottlecap Music, and has co-produced the Something Something Sessions - a series of in-studio live performances - where he also interviews the performers. Callum also works as an Accountant for Flying Out Music and Flying Nun Records.

Bachelor of Commercial Music

Music Industry


Man playing a DrumBrute - an analog drum machine
Confidence in creativity empowers people in times of adaptation. Discholars' key values include providing education that enables creativity.


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