Jack Shalders-Taylor

The Gutarra


In contrast to the electric guitar, the gutarra was created to showcase a fundamentally different way to play stringed instruments. Drawing inspiration from the electric spanish guitar and chinese guzheng for tone, functionality and aesthetic, the gutarra blends culture in a distinct way. For thousands of years, the guzheng with its unique tension based pitch-manipulation could be heard in chinese courthouses and gathering places. Where a guitar frets a string to raise the pitch - the guzheng bends. I designed this interactive booth to highlight this distinctive characteristic and to explore it’s many possibilities. You can find experimental uses of this instrument in the Pale Lady EP and traditionally styled music at www.grayson-guitars.com.

Bachelor of Commercial Music

Music Practice
The first prototype of the gutarra, built from a pool cue case.
The first gutarra in playing position.


Block 1
Level C and Level D

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