Liam Fitzmaurice

MOVE Keyboard


The MOVE Keyboard is the result of a problem I found many young musicians encountering as I progressed my study in Wellington at Massey University; the difficulty of music making and production with MIDI devices outside of home and studio environments.
As I approached this problem through peer observation and personal experience, I found the main issue to be the clunky-ness and difficulty of separate MIDI devices (they need a surface to rest on and are separate), and the on-screen keyboard (slow and limits software short-cut capabilities).
The MOVE eases this difficulty by bringing MIDI device access directly to your laptop. Through a suction cup connection, it attaches directly to your laptop’s surface, snugly sitting next to the mouse touchpad.
The MOVE means bringing together the physical MIDI keyboard and the laptop, keeping music-makers and producers on the move.
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Bachelor of Commercial Music

Music Technology


MOVE Keyboard Design – Cross-section, suction attachment visible.


Block 1
Level C and Level D

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