Tyrun Posimani



B.O.Y., the debut EP of singer-songwriter TYRUN, that tells the story of a young man as he experiences an unassuming love turning bad. Revolving around three contrasting singles, this project uses conceptual differences in its visual and audio representation to portray each part of the narrative. B.O.Y. is an engrossing journey that considers every word, number, image and video, as a piece of the puzzle. TYRUN has crafted B.O.Y. from the writing, to its conception, and the overall executive production, to entice followers to feel something. Whether that feeling is admiration and happiness, or anger and disgust, matters less than the engagement with this work on an emotional level. Telling his story through B.O.Y., TYRUN puts judgment, discrimination, social expectations and gay relationships at the forefront of his work.

Bachelor of Commercial Music

Music Practice



YOUrs Photography: Tiori Spooner Styling: Princess Whioke
RUNning Photography: Tiori Spooner Styling: Princess Whioke
NOstalgia Photography: Tiori Spooner Styling: Princess Whioke


Block 1
Level C and Level D

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