Jerome Caballes



Silverware is an inter dimensional journey powered by rock 'n' roll, blending both 2D and 3D animation elements into a music video. The Silverware project is a collaboration between Massey University and international content developer POW studios. Tasked with creating trans-media content to support the development and promotion of the POW Studios' IP "The Silvers", with the assistance of Massey band Pale Lady, the Silverware team has created a unique look to introduce the characters of the show.

For my contribution for this project, I was in charge in creating a 3D model for one of the characters. Once the 3D modelling was finished, I was also responsible for creating the rig for the character. When I finished with the rigging pipeline, I handed it to the animators. I was also involved in the rendering process for the project.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production
Mick Model textured
Mick model wireframe
Mick rig


Block 1
Level D

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