Johani Louw



The patriarchal feminine expects women to be both soft and accommodating as well as satisfying the overt sexuality of the female body that lies within the male gaze.
Salient works to expose patriarchal ideals of the feminine and subvert them, so as to make the feminine loud, unapologetic. Allowing the woman within the garments to demand more; to garner her strength, her voice, her space, her opinion, and find her own place of power. Through excessive use of colour, texture and shape the collection works to build upon and expose different parts of the female body in order to create conversation around what defines the feminine, and how this idea differs between the male gaze and the gaze and understanding of women.
This body of work is aimed at all women as a tool of empowerment.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Salient//  Designed, styled and photographed by Johani Louw Modelled by Gella-Mae Sadumiano
Modelled by Lisa Louw
Modelled by Lisa Louw
Modelled by Gella-Mae Sadumiano Writing by Lisa Louw


Block 12
Level D

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