Qinglin Chen



My fashion design project explores the significance and meaning of “face” (Mian Zi) in Chinese culture. “Face” in Chinese culture represents a person’s reputation and feelings of prestige within multiple spheres. The relationship between people and "face" reminds me of the larvae in the cocoon; the larvae breaks from a cocoon to become a butterfly, or alternately can become trapped to die.

This reflective design process instigated and created my "Undefined" conceptual fashion collection. Design development explored the concepts of wrapping and illusion.  I created different sized undulating outer "bubbles" as cocoons or cages and used fragile fabrics, hanging threads, suspended wraps and abstracted visual illusions to contour my concept of "face". Through this collection, I hope I can inspire my viewers to reflect on what "face" (Mian Zi) means, to avoid the judgement of others, and escape confinement.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Look 1 and Look 2
Look 3 and Look 4
Face released
Back view of "face bodysuit"


Block 12
Level D

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