Sarah Tansey

Femme Furor


The sexualisation of childhood is now a highly criticised and examined aspect of western culture. What was once a virtuous and sacred stage in identity formation has become contaminated with insecurity and consumption. In the production of ‘Femme Furor’ I have styled, directed and edited a parody of four recognisable aspects of female childhood. Each outfit consisting of both found and made artefacts, represents a stage of childhood that has been pornified on some level. While ‘Femme Furor ‘does not cure the sex-driven industries that pervades our daily routines, it does hope to highlight and critique sexualisation and make the viewer uncomfortable.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Anna as 'Baby Girl' identity.
Sophie as 'School Girl' identity - Film Still.
Millie as 'Pinup Girl' identity - Film Still.
Nisha as 'Princess Girl' identity - Film Still.


Block 12
Level D

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