Shanika Liang



This collection is informed by an exploration of my cultural background, New Zealand born Chinese. Mao’s suit presents a dichotomy denying values of individualism yet representing a freedom without constraints of consumerist pressure and the growing crisis of ‘identity’. The uniform and associated ideologies are investigated through an iterative design practise. Opening up questions, comparisons and contradictions that exist only within myself, I search for a personal identity. This collection expresses an experimental way of thinking. The traditional uniform is reinterpreted and tailoring is deconstructed. The new suit is recreated, denying its traditional norms and disobeying the rules. It is constructed in a new weight to create a new form. Symmetrical features of the suit are challenged, creating a balanced dischord. The contemporary designs cater to those who seek individualism and transgress conformity. My collection exposes self-identity through a cultural lens.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Photographer: Ciaran Fill Model: Josie Mason, Carrie Atkinson
Photographer: Ciaran Fill Model: Carrie Atkinson
Photographer: Ciaran Fill Model: Helen Wang
Photographer: Ciaran Fill Model: Carrie Atkinson, Josie Mason


Block 12
Level D

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