Tsega Gebremedihin



OMO is a collection that embraces the rich and ancient cultural practices of body painting within the Omo tribes of Ethiopia. My custom designed print is inspired by the tribe’s cultural practices of body painting. These customs are believed to further enhance the relationship between the Omo tribes and their natural environment that creates a soulful connection with my African identity.

OMO is collection that creates a cultural conversation - connecting my making process to my Ethiopian heritage through the process of fabric printing. This form of art is similar to the act of dressing, because adorning the body is a temporary way for the individual to belong with social groups. This process has lead me to share with others my heritage and identity while reconnecting, recreating and acknowledging the Omo tribes. The earthiness of the print and materials have been influenced by the natural substance that the tribes use to paint their bodies. The process of printing the fabric begin with hand painting and progressed into digital application that enable it to be a long lasting cultural experience.

In an attempt to shift perspective that others have about the place of my birth, I use design to capture their cultural practices, and my work draws aesthetic from different part of the tribes in Omo Valley to craft narrative through the fabrication.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)



Strong bond is within the eyes of self-expression of the body.
The richness and beauty of nature pigment are seen at their brightest.
Being African is being inspired by culture. 


Block 12
Level D

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