Aria McInnes

I Dream of Jeannie


I create moving image works which are influenced by moments in 20th Century cinema, fashion, art history, and celebrity culture. Envisioned as high-end productions, they are inherently restrained by a lack of budget and practical skill. A reliance on this self limiting ambition is a shameful admission in the work: faux stucco made of baby powder, acrylic, and PVA; papier-mâché materials sourced from weeks’ worth of my large wellington flat’s fish and chip dinners; dressed up, doused in baby oil and filmed in amateur porno style. A high fashion reality compiled out of a set made from household crap. Silly, sexy, flirty, yet sombre and lonely micro-fictions. Self directed produced, and styled. I employ my own shortcomings as a critical tool to consider ideas of DIY, amateurism, social and political. My best friend always told me to “dress for the job you don’t have but wish you did.”

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
Pair of Slippers. Phone Video 2018
Jeannie Vase. Installation Detail @ Enterprise'18 2018
Jeannie character still. Photographer Russ Kleyn 2018


Block 2
Level E

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