Brianna Keogh

All up in the air


Spending my days collecting other people’s used plastic is what I do best. Asking you to look at rubbish through different eyes. Because 'away' is not a place, it doesn't exist, I question what ‘thrown away’ is and who/what it harms. This work plays with tensions around the aesthetics of rubbish. The work is comprised of 1000 used type 1PET and 2HDPE bottles held together with ribbon made from such bottles. It speaks towards consumer responsibility and complacency, and the power of the industry. I am also investigating the multifaceted streams of information disseminated around climate change. With the prolific amounts of current media, I find that many of us disassociate ourselves from our responsibilities to ease the mental stress. Just as the place 'away' does not exist, we are not apart from the natural world we seek to save. We are indeed a part of this world, intimately embedded in the midst of climate change. If our existence involves an accumulation of traces of the past, we need to remember that in the future, the earth will bear the marks of our present.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts


Block 2
Level E

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