Emerita  Baik



 Migrant bodies often remain excluded in today’s society despite various intercultural encounters. Given this context, verbal communication can play a fundamental role as access to basic and necessary information is often difficult. Articulating one’s experience is vital to becoming integrated within society. _EOmma _explores the experience of estrangement by merging my political concerns with material realisations.

A concrete butterfly depicts its inability to be active. Thus alienation is explored through sculptural forms as becoming restricted and unable to be incorporated within their spatial surroundings. My fabric works respond to the Korean tradition of wrapping one’s possessions: _bottari. _This object conveys the idea of being on the move, while also functioning as a real bottari that contains something of personal value. The knot of the bottari is solidified showing that it is unable to be opened and therefore prevents the sharing of these personal values. Additionally, the lined abstraction embodies an emotive response, emphasising a restriction within the materiality.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts


Block 2
Level E

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