Emiko Sheehan

Dance Dance Astronesian



Alien from my own instincts, an outcast / half cut intergalactic love child. A con-artist, possibly too ambitious, never disappointing. Fatigued by trying to fit in, bored of searching for my authentic self …………. I don’t think I’ll find it easily, there’s no ambassador for this moonchild / half diasporic Japanese / Maniapoto living away from home. So why not reach for the stars? Why not try to pierce a higher level of the cosmos, pushing my consciousness to its limit? .................. But who is able to see behind the veil and commune with that divine creative energy? Not me. Instead I am faced with the unbroken reality of human nature. Coming to terms with the fact that I might never know one half of my family, or that I might never be a good singer, are thoughts that trouble my soul on a daily basis. So I make my offering, cosmic transmissions of emotional expression, vulnerability and disco, in the hopes that this might arouse some distant celestial body or at least make my mum proud.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
Astronesian Emiko, takes selfie of Astronesian Emiko, While _Dance Dance Astronesian _Emiko plays on screen.
Moonchild sings in blue
Enterprise 18 11/10/18
Kia Kaha Chichai gaijin


Block 2
Level E

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