Finn Chadwick

Obsolescent Orchestra No.2


 I am exploring the relationship between the tangible and intangible languages which describe contemporary experience. My work examines the evolving space between us as humans, and the increasingly animate objects that we have created to reflect our technocratic (cyber)existence. I also work with an amalgamation of light, colour and sound. Through this exploration I am concerned with aspects we share, both with one another, and with technology. I enlist the electromagnetism of the earth itself, along with obsolescent telecommunication and infotainment technologies, to develop a satirical yet introspective and empathic analysis of what it means to be human within our recombinant contemporary culture. I aim to demand an audience by conducting a disenchanted symphony utilising a technologically obsolescent orchestra. I am also attempting to enable these relics the ability to evoke some form of spiritual meditation, a moment of contemplation toward the mysterious nature of these objects.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
_'Mr McLuhan will see you now...'_  (2018) [Installation Shot]
'_An Evening with Bellafonte' _ (2018) [Installation Shot]


Block 2
Level E

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