Gabby Sinton

somewhere, in-between


I’ve always had a desire to move through the frame of a painting. To imagine what it would feel like to be within the space, while being able to touch and otherwise engage with its materials and forms, existing within fields of colour and composition. I suppose this desire has motivated me to create these spaces—encouraging the viewer’s ability to permeate, to move through; while leaving the work ajar, open—in an effort to collapse the distance between artwork and viewer and stimulate a more embodied, tactile, and sensory mode of viewing.

My practice primarily consists of sculptural-based interior arrangements, while often both site-responsive and interactive. I’ve always considered the materials I use empathically, acknowledging the specific energy each colour, form, and texture mobilises within space. I’m interested in creating specific atmospheres and narratives through different material relationships. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
In the studio.
closeup photograph of 'somewhere, in-between.'


Block 2
Level E

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