Hattie Stevens

lifes other fifty percent


The inspiration for these works was originally drawn from online video compilations of gymnasts’ “fails” from which I then examined both the extreme states of the human body and the comedic elements of the physical fall. The figures, now taken further, fit more comfortably within a strange dreamscape or hallucination due to my interest in surrealism and philosophical studies of perceived reality.

As I explore the human condition, I consider alternative versions of truth, accentuating known attributes of the world such as gravity and human anatomy.

With these ideas in mind, I borrow the surrealist method of automatism in my process and play with form, colour, and spatial materials to make new forms or transform the functionality of other found, domestic objects.

I aim for an uncanny balance between childlike and creepy, pop and muted, domestic and industrial, leaving the viewer feeling unsettled. I want to create the experience of viewing my work as one of both simultaneous pleasure and discomfort.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
'Legs', 2018. Number 8 wire, tin foil, masking tape, liquid latex and paint
Sack assemblage, installation shot, 2018. Nylon/Elastane tights, powdered chalk, flour, wire, tin foil, masking tape, liquid latex and paint. 
 Chalk sack imprint, installation close up, 2018. Powdered Chalk. 


Block 2
Level E

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