Lily McRae



Maybe because I mostly interact with things that seem to have no immediate effect on the world such as; a phone, a laptop, the ground, or a surface I paint or write on that potentially nobody sees, sometimes I worry that I ignore that I am even alive, in a real place, and that it is possible to affect other things that deserve my attention. To remind myself that I can, and be grounded in my environmental surroundings, I paint from selected aesthetic experiences - these are just vague explorations of the place I live, or places I wish I could live. These things often feel strange to describe or alter as they are complex and messy, so to minimise the desire to project a narrative onto my surroundings, I try to represent them, just as seen and documented, as faithfully as I can. Through this, I end up finding more value in the remembrance of mundane material and objects, and acknowledging them when we meet again. Or feeling that I am no better than grass clippings; this makes it worthwhile too.

Bacheor of Fine Arts

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Southern Beech Blanket


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