Madelin  Cheng

鳳凰酒家 (Golden Phoenix)


I explore performative action through my video installations, and intentionally use anachronistic technologies (such as old television monitors and cassette players) to bring out a nostalgic atmosphere. I present my video works within an installation context, as I believe the work is not solely about the video itself, but the whole environment. For me, the time period between the 1920s-70s was remote, yet also romantic. With my only knowledge coming from both film and imagination, the ‘good old days’ symbolised a purer period of time or even a utopian dream. Having both experienced living in China and studying in the West, I have been exposed to different ideological worlds, and have adapted to different cultural settings. I am tired of seeing people getting so angry about cultural appropriation. Instead of comparing or criticising specific parts of cultures, I prefer to embrace something new, an emerging type of cultural hybrid.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
image of previous installation 
image of previous installation 


Block 2
Level E

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