Nathaniel  Gordon-Stables 

I like this queer scene, but I've slept with both of them.


_I am a true bottom posing as a top._

_A prominent bi._

_An accomplished top and a bottom in training._


These achievements encompass my flourishing hot identity, one I wish to understand further. Thus I make works about what we dream about and desire in our lovers. Magnifying our relationships, acknowledging our past, and how our people deal with love and friendship interpersonally. Essentially, I am interested in understanding my own community: the love, the loss, the turmoil. I am exploring humour within our identities and relationships in comparison to traditionally heteronormative spaces, using both video and installation.


_Who's on top and who's on bottom now baby?_

Bacheor of Fine Arts

Fine Arts


Block 2
Level E

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