Remé  Barkema

Petty Indisputable truths.


My practise involves collecting imagery and language from real things that  I collate into a painting. My inspiration comes from traveling, eating and drinking. I am from Wellington. The best mode of transport is walking. I visit art galleries on week nights and when I am not working part time in hospitality I indulge in the hospitality of others working.  
My paintings are reproduced images of my memory.

I use a range of mixed media - pastel, PPG house paint, lipsticks, acrylic, oil paint, varnish, masking tape, chalk, pencil. I paint on materials that have very little material value. My practise is founded on the pursuit of making art that is controversially uncontroversial and is simplistic in its mode of transporting a message. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
Live music, Cello and Violin , 2018.
NO THANK YOU on cardboard boxes, 2018. 
Pissing at an intersection off Cuba street, 2018. 


Block 2
Level E

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