Siân Stephens



Siân Stephens is a painter and video artist whose practice explores the unseen and disturbing realities of animal agriculture. The underlying tone of the work is activism based, and the subject matter involves a clear display of the unnatural experiences of cattle in the process leading up to beef and milk appearing on the supermarket shelves. All of the work is made with the hope that, if discovered through a visual art platform, the viewer is inspired to re-evaluate their relationship with the animals that are so lavishly used as resources; a truthful and confronting appeal for compassion, without buckling everyone in for a massive guilt trip. My foremost intention is the desire to open discussion on how odd it is that we manufacture pregnancy in large grass eating mammals so we can all drink their milk, and to challenge why this is accepted as normal.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
The desecration of the female bovine body, to learn more about the rampant spread of mastitis in dairy farming (i.e. pus in your milk).
A life-size oil painting of skinned and partially butchered Holstein-Friesian cow, discussing how 'downed cows' in dairy farms are sold for beef after collapsing from exhaustion.
The last embrace between mother and calf, before they are separated forever. 
The Revolutionary Artificial Cow Vagina! Procreation made easy! 


Block 2
Level E

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