Teresa Collins

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My practice encompasses painting in an expanded field, sculpture, and installation. I am interested in tracing the narratives of materials through abstract / minimal forms and compositions. I draw upon content from everyday aesthetics and found materials in my local contexts: new graffiti on the corner, the colour of the sky at 4.45 in winter, a sheet of metal in the gutter. I’m interested in both what we place value on and what we can overlook. Negotiating minimalism with familiar materials and transparent intentions, the works offer suggestions rather than absolutes.Objects are pushing outwards, exploring edges and limits, intersections and interstices, situated in conversation with histories and discourses from other art and craft practices. Paintings act as pieces cut from a larger cloth, structures guide objects and bodies within space and architecture. Valuing nuance, responding to this specific place, time and situation, welcoming your own moods, knowledge and tendencies.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Fine Arts
Oil paint on calico paintings
Pine ramp with Dora's Gorse dyed silk. From group show _Gold star, yellow sticker_
Pine, spray paint, bisque fired clay
Oil paint on silk, calico, pine


Block 2
Level E

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