Chris Gaskell



This project explores how a couch can be made more sustainable without losing what makes a couch a couch, the comfort, that feeling of sinking into a warm embrace. I carried out an in-depth material exploration to find new ways of creating comfort in a couch. This couch uses wooden slats instead of polyurethane foam, eliminating one of the most environmentally harmful parts of a couch. The fasteners used allow for disassembly at it's end of life. Disassembly at end of life allows for the different materials to be easily separated. All the wood and felt can biodegrade and be used as compost. All the steel fasteners and supports can be recycled. This turns the couch from a product that is no longer cradle to grave but one that is cradle to cradle, all the materials return to the world without ending up in the landfill.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)