Daniel Philip

People-Centred Passport Control


Technology has been implemented through passport control in a way which works. It does not however work with you as a person; it works with you as data, or a number on a screen.

I have designed a system that keeps the needs and wants of both the passengers and the law enforcement officers in full view, empathising with the passengers’ nervousness and uncertainty around this point while considering the requirement of the law.

This is an interface which captures the biometric data contained within your passport when you hold it up to the screen, analyses your picture and compares it with you in real time. The layout allows groups of people to approach all at once, and the gates open once the image capture system is satisfied that all the people standing in front match the data collected from the passports.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

People-Centred Passport Control System
People-Centred passport control system in context at an airport. 
View of a person using Passport Control System
Detail of Passport Control System construction