Eleanor Pepperell

Kowhai Bike Rack: A user-centred approach to cycle parking


Cycle commuting plays an important role in sustainable transport systems. Throughout the project, I have been working closely with Jo Clendon the creator of Bikes Welcome. Bikes Welcome is an initiative that aims to Improve the availability of quality bike parking everywhere to make everyday cycling more normal and popular. Good bike parking says you can cycle here.

The project proposes a user-focused solution to encourage more people to use cycling as their transport of choice by making them feel safe parking their bike on the street.

The Kowhai Rack separates the bikes with a double sided locking bar to make locking easy. The longer frame supports the wheels for better stability. The rack also has an anti-scratch frame, bag rest and lighting. These features work together to make cyclists feel welcome and happy to leave their bike on the street.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)



Block 12
Level C

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