Katherine Rybinski

DUO Compact Tiny House Kitchen/Dining Unit


I was captivated by the non-fiction book ‘Walden; or,
Life in the Woods’ by Henry David Thoreau, an
American Philosopher. The premise of the book is that
Thoreau moved to his friend’s property and built
himself a 3m by 5m cabin, with nothing other than a
fireplace, table, desk, bed and 3 chairs. This made me
question how much space and belongings people
need to live in a functioning home.

It will take 16 years for a couple earning an average
income, with average bills to afford a 20% deposit on
a house in Auckland. Subsequently people are turning
to smaller living such as tiny homes to get on the
property market.

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, with the
dining area acting as an extension to socialise, I
focused on the two to design a compact tiny house
kitchen with a dining unit built in.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Perspective view of DUO with the dining unit set up.
Side view showing silhouettes interacting with DUO.
1:2 scale appearance model with dining unit inside kitchen.