Nicholas Lealand

Mikos House - Modular Building System


With the freedoms of such a speculative brief I wanted to explore some of the wicked problems facing our time. I chose to focus on affordable, sustainable housing and because of the rapid growth of the tiny house movement it seemed the logical place to see how industrial design could be applied to the problem.

My research led me to develop a system product that allows the users to explore their designs in a web based modeling environment. Integration with an online community allows these designs to be shared and improved collaboratively. Once resolved the design is sent through a CAM workflow and the kit-set house is shipped to the user. To make the process more compatible with the target market I developed a panelized building system and user-friendly fasteners.

If brought to market the system could provide both a sustainable housing solution domestically and a strong export product.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Mikos House Building System
1/20th scale build