Rebekah Paul

Hide and Seek Chair


My project focuses on workplace furniture looking at how it can enhance and add value to people’s daily experiences while at work. Workplace design is moving toward open plan because of its benefits around collaboration, yet people still innately value their own personal and private space to perform individual work. This lead me in the direction of designing for privacy (privacy seat).

The Hide and Seek chair contributes to the creation of a space that provides calm and contentment away from a busy office environment to perform individual work activities. Hide and Seek injects a sense of domestic comfort and playful expression into the modern work environment. It closes around the user and creates its own room within the room. In doing so it matches the challenges of acoustics and visual privacy within open modern office environments. Hide and Seek is therefore ideal for taking a phone call, checking emails or simply slowing down and taking time out.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)