Sophia Martins Irvine 

Ablution Space Hybrid fixtures for confined spaces


Due the current increase New Zealands population, the need for higher density housing types has spiked, making the need for good design in small spaces a necessity, with an identified gap in the market for innovative compact cleansing fixtures which maximise space.

My project aims to design a hybrid fixture which integrates all vital cleansing fixtures into one, ultimately maximising space and breaking connotations around fixtures being fixed to walls. My design research focused largely on user experience; through the human sensorium and sustainability; though water reduction and manufacturing processes. 

Memphis Design is centred around cluster of products with individual functions, curated together to works collectively as a whole, this spoke strongly to my project, becoming my main aesthetic influence and drive for innovation. My final product concept, Elavo (To be washed clean, Latin, verb) offers a new experience of one’s cleansing rituals, being free standing, the product is able to be placed wherever the client desires in their domestic space, with one easy install.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Full Product.
Simple circular form language to communicate family of products.
Shower tray with stool for utility.