Sophie  Lemaire-Sicre

Hiatus - Wall Light


My project investigates alternative modes of sensory modality through lighting. The aim was to design an ambient light for a domestic setting, that encourages unorthodox ways of interaction and creates an elevated atmosphere within the home environment. 

Current lighting solutions have a very small window of interaction time between user and object, I was interested in prolonging this interaction.

The majority of my research was based on slow design theory (a discourse which encourages reflective thinking within design practice), and appraisal theory (how the routine of everyday can affect our interactions with household items).

The final result was the Hiatus wall light. Hiatus lets the homeowner alter light through two main modes, the central dial (switching between direct task light and warm ambient light), and the conductive railing (turning the light from on to off and changing the overall intensity in-between). Within these two modes, many varied lighting effects can be achieved, suiting any household activity.

The main disc is a part of a modular system, allowing it to be removed and alternative styles to be swapped in and out to customise the look and effect of the light.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)