Tyler Ngaia

Clothing identification system within an aged care facility


My approach was to design a product to improve efficiency in an industry which is rapidly growing. Through my research interviewing residents, staff and family members in an aged care facility I discovered the huge consequences around “lost clothing’’.

I have designed the enTAG; an electronic clothing identification system which provides information from a digital chip to clothing, with is scanned and sorted within a laundry. The existing system is neither durable nor readable over time.

In aged care, ‘lost clothing’’ wastes valuable staff time, adds financial stress to family members, and residents can become overwhelmed and display signs of depression when they feel they are losing their personal identity. I can only imagine the feeling of seeing another resident wearing my favourite shirt.

I believe enTAG is designed to benefit multiple users, it will improve efficiency and support the emotional well-being of residents in an aged care facility.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Here we have a render of my laundry scanner which is the feature of my system design 
Phone case that adjusts to multiple sized phones to attach the digital name tags to clothing. Taking advantage of todays modern phone technology to programme 
Developing form and function through model making and testing