Will Cook



CLICK is a design investigation into people living mobile and transient lifestyles. It was inspired by my own frustration with being unable to afford high quality designer furniture. By conducting design research through surveys and user interviews I discovered that users wanted to invest in high quality furniture but were prevented from doing so due to cost and the logistics of moving the furniture from place to place as frequently as they did. With this in mind, I have designed CLICK – an intuitive and affordable flatpack furniture rental system. What you see before you is CH_01_ a chair designed as part of the CLICK collection. Through the use of injection moulded components, the cost is significantly reduced and the CLICK together joint offers a superior user experience to the norm we have come to expect in low quality and wasteful flatpack furniture.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

CLICK a superior flatpack furniture experience
CLICK - Intuitive Flatpack Furniture System 
Innovative Injection Moulded Joint