Xanthe Whiteley



The focus of the project initially came from the huge amount of furniture waste that is generated through cheap, low quality design, leading consumers into a throw away mind set.

The final product focussed on designing for longevity and circularity of the products life cycle, without overlooking the aesthetic side. Innovation around rethinking how upholstery is designed within the piece of furniture reduces unnecessary extra materials such as fastenings (staples and nails), which are almost never removed or able to be disassembled at the end of life.

The final frame is made from FSC certified American Ash frame which is both strong and durable, joined with mortise and tenon joints and held with Ligate bio adhesive from Scion.

The seat pan and back are made from moulded American Ash veneered hardwood ply, the padding is densely felted coarse wool, and upholstered with a commercial grade wool felt from Warwick Fabrics.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)



Block 12
Level D

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