Michael S. Jones

Lifewall - A modular emergency water supply and wellness system.


Lifewall is a design concept for a residential domestic emergency water supply, that seamlessly integrates into new and existing buildings.
The product aims to increase community water resilience and security, minimising the human impacts that follow natural disaster events due to the disruption of water supply networks.
Lifewall is a self-renewing, portable, long-term storage solution that will always contain filtered fresh (aerated) water. It does this by being positioned between the municipal water supply and the home.
The daily use of the living spaces, draws water through the system where Lifewall filters and stores a portion of it for emergency needs.
Lifewall reacts automatically to seismic movement, isolating its 80L capacity in eight 10L vessels for ease of transportation. When the Lifewall system is empty, components can be used to filter any available water source away from the main system which can benefit everyone in the case of an evacuation.

Master of Design

Lifewall installed in a new building.
Lifewall installed in a new building.
Lifewall system details.
Lifewall filter system (Lifepod) producing clean potable water from a contaminated source.


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