Chora Luz Carleton

grey-yellow occlusion


In standing here with you, I see that the corners are gloomy; an outline of the sun might be still passing through the doorway. The space is offering seemingly emptiness with its cubic dimension. And yet, the surface of the space is altered. A piece of paper is intervening with the texture of the smooth painted walls. Shadows are being cast into embossed recesses in the paper. Where the light reflects off the surface, words are emerging. Then, there is your body in relation to the space- how it is manifesting your own dimensions, affording propositions towards encountering the text before you, around you. This is a state of becoming, a state that is revealing and obscuring words above and below, and stirring subtle changes in surface that call themselves out as blue-grey rimmed with yellows.

Master of Fine Arts


grey-yellow occlusion' installation image, Chora Luz Carleton
grey-yellow occlusion' installation image, Chora Luz Carleton


Block 2
Level D

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