Ciaran Ré McGlinchey Fill

State of News, News of State


_State of News, News of State_ maps a shift towards the monopolisation of news media by a select group of companies in New Zealand. A significant progression towards corporate governance and subsidiary ownership of New Zealand news media is now coming to fruition. Allied Press, Fairfax, NZME and Oaktree Capital Investments now own the predominant share of New Zealand news Media. 

_State of News, News of State_, through contemporary photographic processes, repurposes the corporate portraits of those in control of New Zealand news media. The work is a provocation, asking New Zealand consumers to investigate the problematic assumption of objectivism in our news coverage. By manipulating these found corporate portraits, the work forces the viewer to search for a layer of context and ask: what do these suited figures represent?

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

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Catalogued Lists of Corporately Owned New Zealand Media


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