Ella MacDiarmid



_‘Twizel’_ is a photo documentary project that explores the concept of ‘home’ through an exploration of the town Twizel located in the heart of the Mackenzie, South Canterbury, New Zealand. This project investigates its short but rich history from the days of being a Ministry of Works town, through to all the new expansions in housing subdivisions and other infrastructures. _‘Twizel’ _also focuses on the people who live there, as they are one of the main reasons Twizel still exists. After completion of the Upper Waitaki Hydro Scheme in the mid-1980’s, the Twizel houses were meant to be relocated and the town non-existent. But the residents fought for this town to remain in the Mackenzie Basin. The people hold a fundamental part in this project as without these people wanting to choose Twizel as their home, there would be no Twizel.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Photograph of Leah, standing on Man Made hill looking over the Mackenzie Park subdivision.
Teresa and Candace standing in front of their home in Twizel.
Looking down one of the many canals in Twizel, towards the Southern Alps. 
Ohāu B Hydro-power station.


Block 1
The Engine Room

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