Erika Little

Wet Wild Wellington


Wet Wild Wellington, explores the relationship between humans and the environment. This project photographically investigates the experience of mountain biking in Wellington weather. Inspiration has been drawn from conceptual photographer Roni Horn and her project, ‘We are the Weather’, where she focuses on how weather has a daily impact on human mood and showcases this by repeatedly capturing one women’s facial expressions as she emerges from different hot pools around Ireland. This project uses a poetic documentary style which aligns with the work of Martin Parr and his project ‘Bad Weather’, where he has photographically surveyed the people of Britain and Ireland, going about their daily lives in bad weather. Instead of focusing on people who have no choice but to venture out into bad weather, this project focuses on people who choose to venture out, irrespective of the weather.

Bachelor of Design

Makara Hills
Close up shot of the wet tracks


Block 1
The Engine Room

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