Rebecca Collins

Persona Obscura


Rebecca Collins has created a moving image work _‘Persona Obscura_’ that articulates a personal and gendered visuality, through a process of observational recording within a personal space. The work engages in a discussion of gender and vision, considering her own position as a contemporary, middle-class Pākehā woman.  

The autobiographical nature of her work opposes mainstream cinema which follows a storyline or narrative. Rather, this work pays attention to sensory details, embodied actions and spatial explorations; such as focusing, seeing light, what she hears, small gestures and fragmentary moments.  _‘Persona Obscura’_  reveals an embodied aesthetic, through attention to subtle shifts in filtered light and ambient sounds. Made with a camera the work exposes an intimate visuality, curating aspects of a personal interior and revealing them in a public space.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Film stills from 'Persona Obscura'.


Block 1
The Engine Room

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