Amy Calvert



Soleil is a speculative spatial design project that experiences the bathroom as an imagined concept, as a filmic mid-space between the realms of waking and sleeping and a state that is distant from other aspects of day to day life. Colour and materiality are used to represent the natural cycle of light related to the human circadian rhythm. Light’s affect on the brain and body, fluidity, forms and textures informs a viewer’s navigation through a dreamscape of experiential renderings of ‘the bathroom’ as a hidden, hovering sanctuary.  

I am a spatial designer interested in designing experience, materiality and working in 3-dimensional space. Driven by an interest in bringing to physicality aspects of the human experience, creating and making through form and material has proven to be an ideal way for me to work. 

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Evoking red light 
Evoking blue light 


Block 12
Level D

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