Bryn Metcalf

Making Marks (rubber).


This video artwork communicates the agency involved in the process of tattooing the body. Redacting the body reflects how by getting tattooed, we can choose how our bodies are and how they appear to others. The black ink creates a space of interpretation by stripping away the symbolism and ‘meaning’ imposed by subject matter. This abstracts tattooing to a visceral process.

This redaction of the body alludes to the agency involved in the process of constructing and performing ones identity through the body. Its about choice, freedom, and agency in how we choose to be. We dont choose our bodies, but we exercise agency over how they appear. 

The black spaces between the cuts negative spaces, spaces of imagination for the viewer to reflect and apply their own meaning and ideas. Agency is present in our choices, in our ‘self’ and in our bodies, more importantly, agency is a process. Tattooing is the embodiment of that process.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Making Marks 01.
Making Marks 02.
Making Marks 03.


Block 12
Level D

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