Georgina  Stokes

BE in Work


‘BE in Work’ is an alternative workplace system consisting of a series of hybrid object devices designed to create a meaningful physical relationship between the digital nomadic worker and their workplace environment.

This design is a critique of the exisiting open plan Western workplace, responding to the new found mobility that digital disruption has enabled, whilst offering resistance to the current capitalist working world efficiency of ‘bringing home to the workplace’.

A web platform offers a taxonomy of the enabling devices and includes options to accomodate individual digital nomadic worker’s habits and needs. This informs a new, hybridised office landscape which seeks to challenge what is necessary in the future of workplace design.

I am a spatial designer who explores the connections between digital nomads and workplace design through a future focussed lens. My work seeks to offer spatial design solutions that value supportive social conditions over economic growth.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

A series of 8 hybrid enabling devices situated within the context of 1 Marion Street, Wellington. 
Web platform offering a taxonomy of Negotium options; thinking while doing. 
Web platform offering a taxonomy of Otium options; thinking while idle. 
A series of 15 hybrid enabling devices situated within the context of 29 Vivian Street, Wellington. 


Block 12
Level D

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