Holly Downer

Evaporate, Condense, Precipitate; The Life of Water.


This spatial design research project portrays the experience of water’s journey through the water cycle as a means of generating a deeper understanding of New Zealand waterways. The use of virtual reality affords the viewer to step into the immersive journey and explore the magic and complexity of the water cycle. The journey will facilitate transitions of water going from liquid state to gas to solid and back again. This journey will give one an understanding of what it would feel like to be water, what would it feel like to be polluted, to freeze, or to fall from the sky. Situated in Otago, New Zealand, the journey begins in the ocean and migrates between sites through change states of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Main menu for Virtual Reality experience.
Key moment in journey; Runoff.
Key moment in journey; Stream.


Block 12
Level C

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