Jeiel Veloria

Cuba Seasons


Cuba Seasons is a retail space located on the corner of Wakefield Street and Cuba Street, Te Aro. Cuba Seasons is home to ready-to-wear collections form local brands and designer’s previous seasons. It provides a rental service that functions like a library system and allows shoppers to rent high-quality clothes by season. The boutique is designed in the style of modernist home to provide guests the comfort and luxury of a home-like experience. There are no tills or counters; all transactions and exchanges are operated in the lounge areas to make guests feel, they are borrowing clothes from another home.

Visitors can mix and match clothes from the shop with the help of interactive mirrors. The mirror allow guests to request, locate and view the availability of clothes. A concealed camera behind the mirror enables renters to take photos, to contribute looks to Cuba Season’s look book wall (LED Screen). The look nook is viewable on the Cuba Seasons’ website during the season. The boutique borrows inspiration from libraries, Cher’s digital closet in Clueless and the Olsen’s retail store, The Row—to create a new experience for an alternative system of shopping.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Cuba Seasons interior perspective.
Interior perspective showing the lounge at the main entrance and the curtain for fitting room.


Block 12
Level D

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