Lauren Wilcox



Dichotomy is a spatial installation that reveals presentations of the microscopic natural world. It investigates the relationship between humans and nature and the division between the two through means of material culture. Within our domestic environments we encounter nature in three ways, the domesticated, the representative and the instrumental. Representations of nature reside within the objects and artifacts of the home taking on forms of material culture.

Dichotomy reveals traces of these domestic material artifacts through the deconstruction of fabric, which itself is holding representations of nature and is used for curtains, wallpaper, clothing, etc. The suspended structure embodies notions of nature and our surrounding environments while the deconstructed fabric, encased in gelatin and lit from below, lies on top suggesting human dominance over the natural world.

The projections cast on the surrounding surfaces, allow for an immersive post human experience where the work and audience become a complete entity, where no human or nature is seen as more important.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Dichotomy and the Domestic detail: Gelatin, fabric, wire


Block 12
Level D

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