Ryan Helleur

Assimilated Hut


This project uses a speculative spatial design process to explore the potential of a new material economy for dwelling spaces. Reconceptualising traditional architectural mapping to consider how we intend our infrastructure to interact with its natural environment. Located in Palliser Bay the Assimilated Hut provides respite for travellers tramping the Orongorongo river to Turakiri Head trail loop. Designed to be empathetic to its surroundings, the Assimilated Hut uses the mapping of space and the human body to form and orientate itself within the negative space of the surrounding natural environment. This mapping of negative space calculates the possible built space within the foliage, while body mapping refines the desired space. Materials were selected to aid the hut’s visually and environmentally sympathetic design, ease of construction and, site accessibility.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Hero - Elevation
Site - Exploded Diagram
Interior - Main space
Interior - Sleeping space


Block 12
Level D

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