Sammy  Kewish

Urban Camping: a nomadic occupancy


Urban Camping: a nomadic occupancy seeks to enliven the public space, against political hardness, by measuring the quality of urban wilderness in the resolution of its edges and integration of nature.

Urban Edges partake in a spatial responsibility which alters the way an environment is engaging towards communities of dissimilarity (man and nature). We see urban peripheries too frequently as ‘blocks’, and less so as mediators of ‘betweenness’. Rather than settling for our ‘boxed in’ city culture, what if we found a new way to test ourselves in the throws of the urban wilderness?

Testing the boundaries between public & private space, urban camping is a programme that allows for the re-discovering of urban wilderness.  It provides a new united way of viewing the city, by encouraging empathy between diverse activities of nature and man and serving as a public instigator of unexpected activities, either intimate or public social encounters
to flourish.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

A context of the urban scape; a guide for nomadic users.
Have you ever noticed the stars that shine like city lights? 
'camp up' over the city. 


Block 12
Level D

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