Brittany Rusbatch

Please Do Touch


Please Do Touch is an investigation led textile collection that explores inclusive design for the visually impaired community. In a society driven by visual stimuli, this collection seeks to challenge the ingrained hierarchy of sight by exploring alternative forms of information gathering for the visually impaired through tactile sensory paths. Encompassing braille and tactility through the processes of weave, screen print and digital embroidery has resulted in a series of wall hangings and coordinates that promote the written language for the blind. The compositions of the pieces take inspiration from patterns of vision loss and incorporate a monochromatic colour palette, this seeks to contrast as well as conceal messages and textures within the designs that are revealed through touch engagement.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Digital embroidery lace created through hand punched holes
Screen printed alphabet with puff paste braille
Screen printed allover dot pattern with hidden puff paste message
Tapestry woven braille 


Block 12
Level D

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