Laura Cahill 

Nouveau Riche


Nouveau Riche is an interior wallpaper collection narrating the interactions between the native flora and fauna of New Zealand, the introduced predators and their subsequent impact on the natural environment. 
Inspired by colour, opulence and the negation of minimalism, Nouveau Riche is a heavily illustrated collection that is a modern take on the excess and decoration of the Baroque style period. Bright colours, vivid motifs, and an overall embrace of extravagance is a novel recontextulisation of typically conservative representations of New Zealand flora and fauna, and empathises the severe effects of these relationships within the wider eco system.

Bachelor of Design

Hand painted wall paper length on 300gsm paper. 1800mm by 730mm.
Wallpaper co-ordinate with glitter adhesive accents. 410mm by 410mm.
Wallpaper co-ordinate with gold foil accents. 410mm by 410mm.
Wallpaper co-ordinate with glitter accents. 410mm by 410mm.


Block 12
Level D

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